The 4Paws Adoption Process (with hints on helping us help you adopt that special furball or two)

(1) Applicants for Meows Corner cats are required to have met a cat before applying for it. Applying for a cat is easy! Just submit your application online using your smart phone or a Meows Corner iPad.  The website URL for the application is:

You will receive an email acknowledging receipt of your application. Please be aware that because applications are submitted online directly to 4Paws Rescue Team, Meows Corner staff are not aware if a cat has any pending applications. Any questions about a cat's status can be directed to Sharon, the 4Paws Coordinator for Meows Corner. Sharon's business cards are at the front desk of Meows Corner.

(2) Applications take about 5 business days to process but may take longer if you rent and/or have current or former pets. Please promptly respond if 4Paws contacts you with questions or for additional information. Keep checking your spam folder and voice mailboxes to make sure you aren't missing our messages. If you have current or former pets, please call the vets they have visited to authorize them to speak with 4Paws about your accounts.

(3) Once the preliminary checks have been made to 4Paws' satisfaction, a 4Paws volunteer will contact you to schedule a phone interview. The interview should take about a half hour.

(4) If approved you will be given the option of receiving instructions to digitally sign the contract and pay the adoption fee by text or email. (Adoption fees are $120 for an altered cat and $145 for an unaltered cat. The fee for an unaltered cat includes a $95 adoption fee and a $50 sterilization deposit.) Once you complete that step, you will be given a digital receipt. 4Paws will let Meows Corner know you have paid the adoption fee. Meows Corner management will then contact you to arrange a time for you to pick your cat/s up. You will need to bring a cat carrier for each cat you are taking home.


4Paws is currently having an adoption fee special:

Seniors for seniors: A reduced fee of $60 for cats 8 years old or older for adopters 65 years old or older.


Fosters Needed

Help 4Paws save cats from overwhelmed shelters!


4Paws Rescue Team's greatest volunteer need is for fosters. The more fosters we have the more cats we can save! If you can foster a cat or a mother cat and litter for 4Paws Rescue Team, please email If you would like to foster cats for Meows Corner, please email

Thank you!